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Special - Real Latvian bath!

We offer you our great Latvian tradition – the bath. For Latvians, the bath is like a sanctuary, where the soul is cleansed just as much as the body. Visiting bath will be unforgettable experience of Latvian live sense.

We will meet you, deliver you to bath, let you try real bath procedure and then deliver you back to hotel.



86 EUR (per person) – if there are only 2 persons

72 EUR (per person) – if there are 3 persons

65 EUR (per person) – if there are 4-6 persons

57 EUR (per person) – if there are 7-9 persons


Price includes:

·        Transfer

·        Bath procedure

·        Bath clothes

·        Use of towels and bath hat

·        Special brooms

·        Various body care measures

·        Bath tea and light snacks


* Bath procedure takes 4 hours or more.

* Bathhouse attendant will help you to choose procedures, time and brooms, so you could feel relaxed and enjoy the process.

Availability: On request!

If you are interested in this offer, do not hesitate to contact us at